Creating an AR experience with ZapWorks!

Lindsey Greer
2 min readDec 19, 2020

I had a few bumps in the road with this one! But I managed to create a pamphlet that implemented 4 different AR experiences.

I love playing Animal Crossing, it’s a great way to pass the quarantine boredom. It’s even more fun that the game reflects the real world. The weather changes, events happen. It’s really fun. I decided to do a little pamphlet that talks about the new update and what we can expect!

My style guide was simple. I found a font that was similar to one used in the game for dialogue. I actually grabbed the colors from actually scenes in the game so it would feel more authentic.

I designed a slide show of different “recipes” you can craft and made them look similar to the actual ones in the game so you can open up a fun little slideshow on your phone.

I also wanted to show the perfect snowboy! I cut out this image in photoshop. I wanted it to feel like the snowboy was there with you. What it would feel like if you built him in real life.

My biggest roadblock was that InDesign wouldn’t let me make a brochure (something weird) so I decided to look up the dimensions and make one in sketch that would be the same size.

I definitely wish I would have spent more time adding more detail and making this brochure a more enjoyable experience but I’m grateful for what I did learn. Zapworks is so cool and fairly easy to use. I will be looking forward to creating more projects in the future.